On Campus Evangelization


God calls us to be these instruments of His Kingdom on Campus. Asheville Catholic Campus Ministry is a mission-focused ministry, dedicated to growing in discipleship to Jesus that by word and deed we may bring the Gospel to campus.

Some have never heard the Good News proclaimed with conviction, some have grown up with only a dim understanding of who Jesus Christ is. We seek to follow Christ’s call to make “disciples of all nations” by doing just that on our campuses: through Catholics on the Quad, On Campus Evangelization, and through personal invitations to Small Groups.

Next CCM PRESENTS: Wednesday, April 3, 6:30pm. High Smith Student Union, HIG 128 – Nantahala.

Once a month, on a Wednesday night, 6:30pm, ON CAMPUS, at UNCA, we show an episode from the epic documentary, shot on-location around the world that is meant to be a guided exploration of Catholicism highlighting the Truth, Beauty, and Goodness of our faith. Refreshments will be served and every viewing is followed by open Q&A with the Campus Minister. This outreach is meant primarily for non-Catholics (though we want our Catholic-students there, for sure!) who wish to know more about the Catholic Church, providing an easy way for Catholic students to invite their friends to learn about the Faith that guides their life.

Through exploration of the Incarnation and Mission of God the Son, Jesus Gospel Message, the foundation of the Church by Christ and his Apostles, the Church herself, her sacraments and her saints, it is our hope that seeds of faith will be planted in those who join us, and that in this “subtle evangelization” we may aid Christ in opening the ears of those called to hear and recognize the voice of the Good Shepherd.