A Holy Week Reflection by Sr Thea Bowman

Sr. Thea Bowman's official portrait in the Catholic Diocese archives. Source: Catholic Diocese of Jackson

About three weeks before she died, Sister Thea Bowman, FSPA, wrote a meditation for Holy Week as part of a Mississippi Catholic Lenten series. She dictated it to Sister Dorothy Kundinger, her companion. This was probably her last public writing and was published April 6, 1990)

Let us resolve to make this week holy by claiming Christ’s redemptive grace and by living holy lives. The Word became flesh and redeemed us by his holy life and holy death. This week especially let us accept redemption by living grateful, faithful, prayerful, generous, just and holy lives.

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In support of our LGBTQ+ Community

As the Catholic Campus Minister at UNCA, I affirm that all LGBTQ+ persons are loved, affirmed, and welcomed by Catholic Campus Ministry, and that LGBTQ+ members of our UNCA Catholic Community are unequivocally valued. We are committed to be more accepting and to ensure the inclusion, voices and perspectives of those who our society and even the hierarchy and members of the Church often push away. God’s desire is that in Jesus Christ, ALL persons may be drawn into communion with God and each other, overcoming all barriers. We seek to embody that divine desire.

Often actions and proclamations of the hierarchy of the Church cause pain and suffering to LGBTQ+ individuals and must leave them wondering “Where is there a place for me in the Church?” At Catholic Campus Ministry at UNCA, the answer is HERE YOU HAVE A PLACE.

You have a place in our community of faith where you are one of the Mystical Body of Christ, and without you we would be broken and incomplete. This is just as true for everyone at UNCA: God desires union with you through faith in the Redemptive Mission of Word of God made flesh, Jesus Christ, and the Sacraments of the Church that effect that union.

To our LGBTQ+ friends, specifically, I stress again that Catholic Campus Ministry at UNCA is enriched by your presence, your gifts, your ministry and leadership. The Catholic Community at UNCA sees you, values you, and recognizes that you are a gift from God with the full dignity of someone made in the image and likeness of the Divine.

Your Servant in Christ,

David Mayeux
Catholic Campus Minister

Discord Q&A: Are sins not forgiven until you go to confession?

New Question from our Discord Community Channel: Are sins not forgiven until you go to Confession? which in a lot of ways is also the question “Is Confession necessary for the forgiveness of sin?” Below you can watch a video answering the question, or read my written response.

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Discord Q&A: “Birth Control” as Health Care

As Minister to college students, who stay up way too late, I sometimes wake up to questions from our Discord Channel about the faith that definitely shouldn’t be addressed before the first cup of coffee. On the blog I’ll share some of those questions (anonymously) and my slightly edited answers.

QUESTION: If I were to take birth control to stop painful periods, and I am gay (not having sex) is that still intrinsically evil?

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Discord Q &A: Cain and Abel

Our Discord channel is our own little Areopagus where students come to ask questions “We wish to know therefor what these things mean?” regarding matters of faith. From time to time, I publish here their questions with my slightly edited and expanded answers.

QUESTION: Abel was the first person to die in the Bible, so I need to know does anyone else think it might be reasonable to assume that Cain didn’t know Able would die?

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Discord Q&A: Excommunicated Time Travelers

So our Catholic Campus Ministry Community at UNC-Asheville is pretty active on our Discord Channel and one of the favorite activities is the late night questions that I, David the campus minister, get to wake up to. Here on the blog, I’ll start sharing some of those questions, anonymously, and my slightly expanded and edited answers.

I am anything but infallible, and a lot of my answers are extrapolations from Church teaching. If you know of specific Church teachings that contradict my answers, or have a different interpretation of Church teaching, I’m always open to considerate and compassionate disagreement.

QUESTION: If I go back in time and get excommunicated for something stupid—Like if I said slavery was a moral issue and we need to fight against it [as two Capuchins had been excommunicated for doing so in Havanna in 1681]—and then back to the present. Am I still excommunicated?

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