Patron Saints

AVL|CCM encourages all Catholics on Campus to develop a relationship Our Lady and with their patron saint, frequently asking for their intercession, but these saints we hold dear as patrons of our community and campuses (ordered by feast date).

St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein)teresa_benedicta
  • Feast: August 9th
  • Patronage: philosophers
  • Edith Stein was a convert to the faith from Judaism after already forming herself as a brilliant philosopher. She held that it was her constant search for Truth that led her to Christ and His Church, even before she began to study the Faith. She later entered a Carmelite convent and took the name Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, from where Nazis kidnapped her and brought her to a concentration camp where she was murdered.

St Roch
  • Feast: August 16th
  • Patronage: (bull)dogs
  • St Roch after contracting an illness was exiled from his town. There he would have died of starvation or his wounds, but that his prayers were answered in the form of a hunting dog who brought him bread and licked his wounds which miraculously healed. He is thus the patron saint of dogs, or as we like to think of it UNCA Bulldogs!

St Joseph of Cupertinojoseph_cupertino
  • Feast: September 18th
  • Patronage: test taking
  • Joseph of Cupertino—known for his miraculous levitation during prayer—studied for the seminary but barely made it to ordination because he was such a poor student. On the eve of a big exam, he prayed that the one question he could answer would be on the test. When he went to take the test, that very question was on it! We do not recommend this technique for students taking exams …

St Jerome
  • Feast: September 30
  • Patronage: scholars, librarians
  • St Jerome is most known for having translated the scriptures from Hebrew and Greek into the language of the people, Latin. He famously said, that “the ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ” However, what endears him to us is that in sacred art he sometimes has an owl for a companion giving him a special connection to Warren Wilson. “Hootie hoo!” St Jerome!


Bd. John Henry Newmanjohn_newman
  • Feast: October 9th
  • Patronage: Catholic students at secular colleges.
  • John Henry Newman, a great scholar, teacher, and pastor, is attributed with the founding of Catholic Student Clubs on college campuses. His writings encouraged and inspired societies for Catholic students attending secular universities.

St Genevieve (of the Pines)genevieve
  • Feast: January 03
  • Patron: City of Paris, France
  • Before AB-Tech was built there, the land was graced by St Genevieve of the Pines, a Catholic School for girls run by the Religious of Christian Education, an order of sisters. For many years, St. Genevieve’s Grotto remained on the AB-Tech campus, until Alumni of St Genevieve’s raised the money to have the grotto restored and moved to the site of Carolina Day School. However, we hold St Genevieve still intercedes for those students who matriculate where her school once stood.

St PaulSt Paul preaching to the Athenians
  • Feast: January 25th (Conversion of St Paul)
  • Patron: missionaries, journalists, tent-makers
  • Mars Hill, the town and university, are named after the Areopagus “Mars Hill” in Athens where St Paul preached his sermon on “The Unknown God” to the Greeks. As such, he makes a fitting patron saint of the Catholic community on campus there.

St Thomas Aquinasthomas_aquinas
  • Feast: January 28
  • Patronage: scholars
  • As the Church’s “patron of learning,” Saint Thomas Aquinas, also known as “The Angelic Doctor” championed a philosophy based on the harmonious integration of faith and reason, an idea the Church has worked for, and so important to life of students and scholars on campuses everywhere.

St Eugenepope_eugene_I
  • Feast: June 2
  • Patron: home parish
  • St Eugene Catholic Church is AVL|CCM’s home parish where students attend mass, and thus St. Eugene also our spiritual patron. However, Pope St Eugene I was also embroiled in the controversy of the Monothelitism heresy (that Jesus had only one will and not both a human and divine will), but clung with fidelity to the Truth even though doing so put him in opposition with the Emperor. We pray that he will help us to remain always true, even in the face of opposition from the popular and the powerful.