The general mission of the Church on campus can be described by six aspects of Campus Ministry*:

I. Forming the Faith Community – form the Church on campus into a genuine community of worship and service; a community characterized by acceptance, healing, and empowerment; a community that is an authentic sign and instrument of the Kingdom on campus.
II. Appropriating the Faith – foster a mature approach to faith by helping the faithful on campus live in greater communion with God and the Church, give more effective witness to the Gospel, and face the challenges to belief that exist in the academic world.
III. Forming the Christian Conscience – bring the Gospel of Christ to bear on the moral problems faced by the academic community that members of the Church on campus may make good moral judgments based on gospel values—even in the face of complex ethical issues—and maintain the high ideals of higher education and the respect for the dignity of all human beings.
IV. Educating for Justice – nurture the vision of the Church on campus as a genuine servant community dedicated to the works of justice, peace, and reverence for life; raise consciousness on social issues, motivating study and action; provide opportunities to work toward a more just social order in which peace and reverence for life are possible.
V. Facilitating Personal Development – proclaim Jesus Christ as the one in whom we see the depth of our potential and sublime character of our call; bring the light of the Gospel to the educational process, leading to a Christian humanism that links life and worship, relates current questions and the Christian tradition, and puts personal gifts at the service of others.
VI. Developing Leaders for the Future – encourage members of the faith community to identify their gifts and use them for the common good; help individuals to overcome their fears and gain confidence in their abilities; provide training and opportunities to improve leadership skills; and encourage students to exercise their influence in other groups and activities, becoming leaven in the world.

*from Empowered by the Spirit (1985), the USCCB’s Pastoral Letter on Campus Ministry