These are the heart of Asheville Catholic Campus Ministry. Faithful servants to God and all, they will help with any issue with loving hearts and hands.


David Mayeux is the campus minister at UNC Asheville. He came into full communion with the Catholic Church just out of college. He is married with three young children and working on his Masters in Theological Studies. Before campus ministry, he did ministry with RCIA, Young Adults, and High School Youth Ministry. His prayer life is monastic inspired—Liturgy of the Hours, Lectio Divina, and balancing work/prayer, community/solitude—with a particular love for St Benedict and the Desert Fathers; he even spent time discerning at a Trappist monastery before returning to Asheville to discover his marital vocation.

Contact David at (828) 283-0832 (cell) or ashevilleccm@gmail.com.