These are the heart of Asheville Catholic Campus Ministry. Faithful servants to God and all, they will help with any issue with loving hearts and hands.


David Mayeux is the Diocesan Campus Minister serving the Asheville Area. Before campus ministry he worked in parish ministry as part of the RCIA Formation Team, in Young Adult and High School Ministry. He lives in Asheville with his wife and two children.

Contact David at (828) 283-0832 (cell) or ashevilleccm@gmail.com.

Peer Leaders – UNCA


My name is Paul A. Enderle, and I am a Senior accounting major with a minor in management. I am originally from Pennsylvania, but my family recently moved to South Carolina. I enjoy walking around the Botanical Gardens, cooking, socializing, drinking tea, discussing the stock market, and napping. The reason I am a member of CCM is because, we are a group of people from different walks of life brought together by the love of Christ. I have met wonderful people who have made a positive impact on my life, who without CCM I would have never met. I do hope you can have the same experience, and if you would like to talk my email is penderle@unca.edu.


My name is Mikayla Zopfi, and I’m a Senior majoring in Chemistry. From a military family, I’ve lived all over the place, but most recently I hail from El Paso, TX. I enjoy reading, all sorts of outdoors stuff, medieval style sword fighting, and I get a lot of joy, comfort and satisfaction from my faith. I experience God a lot through other Catholics—and strangers sometimes!—and hope that I can do the same for others. You can contact me at (757) 613-0367, my cell, or mzopfi@unca.edu.