About CCM

Welcome! AVL-CCM is the community of Catholic students, faculty, and staff at colleges in the Asheville Area and the Diocesan ministry that serves them. Our goals are to:

Proclaim on Campus that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Campus Ministry answers Jesus’ call to his Church to proclaim the Gospel, the Good News of his Victory over Sin and Death, introducing especially the “nones” to the person of Jesus. To those who answer his call, campus ministry accompanies them toward union with the Body of Christ through the sacraments, and mentor them in the Way of Discipleship to Jesus.

sustain the Christian community on campus

Through service, pastoral care and liturgical worship, Campus Ministry helps the Christian community on campus to serve its members and others, including the many non-students who gravitate toward the university setting. CCM maintains the importains the importance of integrating its particular apostolic ministry with other ministries of the local community—especially with our home parish of St. Eugene and the local Catholic Charities office—and diocese.

Evangelizing the Campus Culture

CCM promotes theological study and reflection on the religious nature of human beings in the academic culture of campus, so that the intellectual, moral, and spiritual growth can proceed together. CCM also helps students interpret their studies, campus activities, university service opportunities, and the academic life in the Light of Christ.